What Is The Difference Between Philings And Phi ion Techniques


What Is The Difference Between Philings And Phi ion Techniques

What your clients want

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between these two courses? If you are not sure which is the ideal choice for you, I am here to solve your dilemma.

Both techniques represent innovative techniques that every beauty center wants to offer to its clients. Why does everyone want them?
I used to be a beginner and I did classic treatments. They are wonderful and should definitely be offered, and they represent an addition to innovative techniques.
That way you have to constantly offer your client some kind of treatment, throughout the year.
Sometimes you will do microneedling and sometimes a classic treatment with a massage, peeling, and a mask. Sometimes you will do plasma fibroblast treatment and the classic treatments with a massage and a mask.
Clients love rituals and love to come to centers where they will solve their skin problems. They also want to relax and let a professional take care of their skin all year round.

And now I want to introduce you clear differences between Philings and PhiIon techniques:

The philings course teaches you the FUNDAMENTALS of microneedling and plasma fibroblast techniques.
It can be upgraded with PHILINGS ADVANCED TECHNIQUE and these two courses represent complete knowledge of micro-needling and plasma fibroblast techniques.
With the Philings course, you can do facial treatments for all skin types through the microneedling technique. You can also do the Plasma technique for more intense wrinkles and relaxed skin of the face and body.
It is a great choice because you can COMBINE TWO TECHNIQUES FOR COMPLETE RESULTS.

The PhiIon course teaches you the COMPLETE plasma fibroblast technique of the face and body, as well as additional lessons on acne treatments and fractional treatments.
With PhiIon plasma pen you can work on wrinkles, sagging skin, skin tightening, acne scars, treatments for all skin types with fractional and acne extensions. You can also do the removal of all types of skin tags.

The question is, are you a fan of the combination of microneedling and plasma techniques or just plasma techniques?
And an even more important question, what would your clients want more?

What Is The Difference Between Philings And Phi ion Techniques