How To Make Before/After Photos Of Your Work


How To Make Before/After Photos Of Your Work

I have noticed that for many students this field is a great challenge in their work.
Most students don’t know how to take good photos even though they have good equipment to work with.
I will give you specific advice on how to take good photos and let me know when you try them out, to see the difference 🙂

If you are taking photos of the face, the best thing to do is to put the client in a sitting position and lean against the wall so that they don’t move. Remember the position they were, because you will put them in the same one when you take photos of them 2 or 3 weeks after the treatment. You can take photos of some regions in lying position, on the bed itself, just before the treatment, just make sure that you present the realistic condition of the skin.

If you are photographing parts of the body, it is also good to be in a standing position (e.g. Abdomen) because you will see the real condition and relaxation of the skin due to gravity. When lying down, some parts of the body can be tightened and this can give a false picture of the skin condition.

Turn the light so it falls directly on the region you want to take a photo of. Use ring light or Glamcor light. It is very important that when you look at the phone or the device you do not see any shadow on the client’s face (or body if you are photographing the body)

Zoom in on the region you want to capture and focus on that region to focus on the camera.

Always keep the settings on your phone the same in the photos before and in the photos after (do not change the contrast or brightness)

Use Picsart (or some other) application to make a collage of the photos before and after. This step is very simple. In this collage step, you can add your own logo, if you have one.

When your client comes after 2 or 3 weeks (depending on the treatment you have done) do the same positions for the client, light, and camera again. You will be reminded by looking at the photos you took before the treatment. You can make notes for yourself if you have a lot of clients and you can’t remember everything.

In time, this will become a routine and it will be common for you to take great photos with very clear results, which clients adore and which contributes to increasing your professionalism.

Good luck, and feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions for me.

At this link you can see all the techniques I teach my students in the courses here.

How To Make Before/After Photos Of Your Work